Retail security refers to the process retailers undertake to protect their products, assets, employees, and customers from potential risks. This includes implementing various security measures to prevent retail shrinkage, theft, fraud, and other criminal activities. But what retail security systems are there, and how do they work? In this article, we will explore the different types of retail security systems and their functions.


The Importance Of Retail Security


The meaning of retail security may seem obvious, but its importance cannot be overstated.  Retail businesses are constantly under threat from shoplifting, employee theft, organised retail crime, and other fraudulent activities.

These incidents can result in significant financial losses for retailers, damage to their reputations, and even potential legal repercussions.

Therefore, retailers must have effective security measures in place to protect their business.


Types Of Retail Security Systems


There are various types of retail security systems that retailers can utilise to protect their shops and products. These include:


1. Surveillance Systems


Surveillance systems like CCTV cameras are commonly used in retail stores. They allow retailers to monitor their premises and keep an eye on suspicious activities. CCTV cameras also act as a deterrent for potential thieves, as they know that their actions are being recorded.


2. Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Systems


EAS are anti-shoplifting devices that detect when stolen items leave your store. These systems vary between EM systems (Electro-Magnetic), RF systems (Radio Frequency) and AM systems (Acousto-Magnetic). All work with tags or labels attached to the merchandise, which trigger an alarm when they pass through the store’s exit.

The benefits of EAS systems, when measured against surveillance systems, are that they continuously protect your merchandise from theft, whereas surveillance systems require a human to monitor the footage.

CCTV cameras are also detectable by thieves, so they may be able to avoid them.


3. Open Display Security


Open display security is a retail security system specifically designed for display products that require customer interaction, such as smartphones and tablets. These systems use sensors and cables to secure the products while allowing customers to handle and test them. If a customer attempts to remove the product without permission, an alarm will be triggered. There are also security devices that mechanically prevent shoplifting.


4. RFID Technology


RFID technology is probably one of the best loss-prevention systems for retail stores. It consists of an RFID tag (which contains a chip) and an RFID reader. Tags can be attached to individual items or inside product packaging. When the tagged item passes through an RFID reader, it will trigger an alarm if it has not been properly deactivated at the point of sale.

RFID technology offers many advantages for retailers, including faster, more accurate inventory management and restocking, reduced theft, and increased customer satisfaction due to an improved shopping experience. 

Additionally, RFID tags are virtually undetectable, making them a popular choice for high-end retailers who want to maintain a luxurious shopping environment without compromising on security.


5. Security Guards


Most stores hire security guards to patrol the premises and deter theft. These guards can also assist with any incidents that may occur, such as shoplifting or unruly customers.

However, it’s important to note that security guards are not foolproof against theft. They may miss suspicious behaviour or be unable to react quickly enough to prevent theft from occurring.

In cases like these, EAS systems or RFID technology may be more effective in securing merchandise. They are like electronic security guards that search all customers for unpaid merchandise.

Hiring security guards can also be costly for retailers, especially smaller businesses like pharmacies. They may also create a sense of unease among customers and give the impression that the store is unsafe, which can negatively impact sales.


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