Open Display  Security

Product Description

Open display security enables high-risk merchandise like phones, tablets and laptops to be put out on display without fear of theft. This enables customers to touch and feel products whilst ensuring that this merchandise is still protected.

Most South African shoppers still want to touch, feel and hold products before they make their purchasing decision. Enabling customers to interact with your products can increase sales by 40%. This can also reduce the cost of expensive glass display cabinets. Giving clients the ability to interact with products themselves, securely, also removes the need of constantly hovering salespersons to be present in-store.

Products and items can be securely locked or tethered by cable with sensors. These sensors on the products will set off an alarm if the product is tampered with or if a shoplifter is attempting to shoplift the product, alerting staff.

Common products on open display

  • cellphones,
  • laptops,
  • tablets,
  • cameras,
  • speakers,
  • gaming,
  • personal care (hair straighteners, hair dryers, electric shavers)
  • GPS’s,
  • smartwatches.


Open Display Security


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