A pharmacy store has tons of valuable products, from over-the-counter medicine to prescription drugs. It’s no surprise that these products are prime targets for theft and shoplifting. However, with the advancement of technology, pharmacy owners can now protect their merchandise more efficiently with EM systems. If you own a pharmacy store and want to experience one of the best pharmacy security systems, then read on to discover the power of EM systems.


Understanding EM Systems


EM systems stand for electromagnetic systems and are a type of EAS (Electronic Article Surveillance) system. Unlike other EAS systems that use radio frequency or acousto-magnetic technology, EM security systems use electromagnetic waves. These waves are emitted by antennas installed at the store’s entryway and picked up by activated tags on merchandise. The tags are discretely placed on store products.


Why Is EM Systems Considered One Of The Best Pharmacy Security Systems?


Unlike common pharmacy security such as CCTV or security guards, EM systems offer numerous advantages. Let’s look into why EM security systems are widely regarded as the pinnacle of pharmacy security systems:


Discreet: The tags used in EM systems are discreetly placed on products and cannot be easily detected by potential thieves. This helps maintain a non-intrusive shopping experience for customers. Unlike other EAS technologies, the EM security system offers enormous savings on the cost of protecting your merchandise.

Real-time Detection: As soon as an activated tag passes through the store’s entryway antennas, an alarm is triggered, notifying store staff of potential theft. This real-time detection allows for immediate action to be taken.

Effective Deterrent: The presence of EM systems and their warning alarms are often enough to deter potential thieves from attempting to steal merchandise.

Cost-Effective: Apart from the initial outlay on a security system, the effective management can save pharmacies thousands of rands in losses due to shoplifting. The return on investment is usually a couple of months.


Why Do Pharmacies Need Effective Security Systems?


Theft and shoplifting are major concerns for pharmacies, especially those that stock small high-value items such as prescription medication. These losses can have a significant impact on the overall profitability of the pharmacy. Shoplifting can also lead to inventory discrepancies and potential safety hazards if medications are tampered with or stolen.


If you own a pharmacy and want to avoid shoplifting or shrinkage as it is commonly known, invest in an EM security system.


We at Milestone have 26 years of experience helping retail owners keep their merchandise safe through our EM security systems. The popular pharmaceutical and cosmetics brand – Clicks – can attest to the effectiveness of our EM systems in their stores nationwide. Clicks has reported a decrease in shrinkage by 50% since implementing Milestone’s EM technology.


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