RFID – Radio Frequency IDentification

Product Description

RFID enables improved inventory control through quick and accurate stock takes. RFID is an innovative technology which utilises “smart” tags which are attached to stock items. 

These tags are then linked to stock information on a database, such as the product details, e.g. size, colour, style of a shirt etc. 

Hundreds of tags can be read per second, enabling thousands of tags to be read in a matter of minutes. Each tag has a unique ID and cannot be read twice ensuring that there are no duplicate counts.

Benefits Of RFID

Increased Sales

Due to all of the factors below and more, sales can increase by between 2% and 30% just by implementing RFID.

Optimised Stocktaking

RFID handheld readers have the ability to read hundreds of tags per second, greatly reducing the time taken for stock takes – 75% – 92% decrease in stock take times;

Accurate Stock Takes

Each RFID tag is unique, meaning tags will only be scanned once during a stock take, providing high levels of accuracy – Inventory accuracy goes to 97%-99%;


Handheld readers are able to search for specific items, helping users to find stock on the shop floor or in the stock room or warehouse;

Enhanced Inventory Control

Regular stocktakes can ensure stock is kept at optimal levels, reducing the chances of out-of-stock situations or high levels of slow-moving stock. “Live Monitoring” is also possible to enable 24/7 stock monitoring; Improve working capital management

Up Selling

Numerous RFID products are able to enhance the customer experience, such as touch screen mirrors which can provide product recommendations in change rooms, change room enhancements (enabling staff members to bring correct size clothing to change rooms) and much more;


RFID tags and antenna can monitor stock leaving the store, determining if it has been legitimately purchased, and providing information on exactly what has triggered the alarm. This reduces shrink figures in stores and provides an overview of alarms events and reactions;


RFID creates a more efficient point of sale environment as tags do not require line of sight to be scanned, enabling numerous tags to be scanned in quick succession, greatly reducing the time spent by customers in lines; also an easy return of the stock.


RFID provides a solution for warehouses to monitor the vast amounts of stock, as well as monitoring the movement between different sections of the warehouse as well as ensuring the correct products and quantities are leaving. Finding stock located in different areas


Radio Frequency

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