Product Description

Electronic Article Surveillance is a proven way to protect your merchandise.

The tagging of products and antenna at the store entrance acts as a deterrent, making shoplifters think twice before entering your store.

Anti-shoplifting systems will effectively detect any stolen merchandise leaving your store if these items have been tagged. This increases sales as stock can be taken out from behind counters or glass doors, and shelves can be more fully stocked without worrying about shrink.

Milestone offers all anti-shoplifting technologies currently available, namely AM, RF Em and RFID, enabling us to provide the best solution for your store. Over 20 years of experience provides our customers with the comfort in knowing that our knowledge will assist them in selecting the best solution for their store. Our variety of tags also ensures that products of all shapes and sizes can be protected.

This management tool also assists security as the task of detecting stolen goods is now simpler and more effective. Security will not need to search every customer leaving the store, only attend to potential shoplifters who have set the anti-shoplifting system off.

Managers and owners are able to work peacefully knowing that the anti-shoplifting system is constantly monitoring stock leaving the store. Increased profits, minimised shrink, and a smaller order book will enable the business to operate more efficiently, helping stores focus more on customers rather than theft.


  • Constant monitoring of stock leaving the store;
  • Antenna act as a visual deterrent for potential shoplifters;
  • Tags on products remind shoplifters that products are protected;
  • Profits are increased;
  • Shrink is decreased;
  • Stores are able to focus more on what is important – the customer.


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