Retail theft is a problem that is faced by the retail industry worldwide. It is also a problem that can cause a business to go belly up. Fortunately, where there is a problem, we as humans find a way to overcome it.

In this article, we will discuss how retail theft prevention devices have changed the retail industry and what options are available to you as a retailer.

How Do Retail Stores Prevent Theft?

There are many ways through which one can prevent theft and shoplifting. One can ensure that your store has a security guard and train staff to keep a watchful eye in a manner that does not intimidate clients; however, these methods all have the problem of human error. This is why retail theft prevention devices have become so popular within the retail industry. These devices remove the obstacle of human error and provide accurate and reliable anti-shoplifting solutions.

What Are Anti-Shoplifting Devices?

Anti-shoplifting devices are technologies and precautionary devices that have been designed specifically as preventative measures against shoplifting and retail store theft. Even though these devices were designed with the retail industry in mind, they have become prevalent in other industries and are used for various functions. Some of these other functionalities and benefits include, but are not limited to:

Different Types of Anti-Shoplifting Devices

There are multiple types of anti-shoplifting devices and technologies that can aid you in protecting your retail store from theft. These include EAS, RFID, and Open Display Security.

Electronic Article Surveillance

Electronic Article Surveillance commonly referred to as EAS, is a system that makes use of tags and antennas to secure devices and prevent theft by means of an alarm. It works by a tag being attached to the item or product. If these tags pass through the antenna that has been placed at the store entrance without that tag being deactivated, an alarm will trigger, alerting the staff that a product is leaving the store that hasn’t been paid for.

Radio Frequency Identification

Radio Frequency Identification, also known as RFID is extremely useful when it comes to stock takes and managing product details. RFID makes use of “smart” tags that one attaches to items and products. These tags can be scanned and can contain information about the product such as its size, colour, and more. It is also possible to track these products while they are on the move.

Open Display Security

Open Display Security refers to the security devices typically used in tech stores. These are the devices that connect to a phone or tablet, ensuring that a customer cannot steal a product that is on display. What makes these devices so popular is that it still allows customers to interact with the product on display without the liability of it being stolen.

There are many ways in which each of these retail theft prevention devices can improve your security and your revenue, to find out more about how these devices can be utilised, contact the team at Milestone.