Anti-shoplifting devices also referred to as retail theft prevention devices, make use of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). Essentially, every item in a store is tagged and as they pass through the antenna at the store’s entrance, you and your staff are notified that an unpaid item is leaving the store. As crime increases in South Africa, it is important to ensure that your store is protected from theft; whether the crime is committed by a shoplifter or perhaps an employee.

In this article, we will discuss how anti-shoplifting devices work and where you can find them.

How Do Anti-Shoplifting Devices Work?

All electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology makes use of electronic communication to function. Typically, an electromagnetic signal is sent from the reader to the tag, and from there, a response is sent back. However, depending on the type of anti-shoplifting device or technology used, it will work differently. These types of anti-shoplifting devices consist of, AM, EM, RF, and RFID devices.

  • AM: Also known as an Acoustic Magnetic system, this system makes use of pulses that are emitted at low frequencies. In other words, AM systems detect tags that resonate at low No extra information is sent via these tags.
  • EM: Electromagnetic labels are often used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Their popularity stems from their discrete nature and they are able to notify you when an unpaid product is leaving the store by making use of an electromagnetic signal.
  • RF: Radio Frequency is available in the form of tags, labels, and ultra-thin labels. They allow one to identify when an unpaid product is leaving the store; however, it cannot tell you which product is leaving the store.
  • RFID: Radio Frequency Identification can be defined as being a subsection of RF technology. The main difference between the two is that RFID provides you with a lot more information, as the tags are issued with unique identifiers. Consisting of a microchip which stores the products information.

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Where to Find Retail Theft Prevention Devices

At Milestone, we understand what a store needs to deter shoplifters and employee theft. We are thus able to provide you with the necessary equipment, technology, and devices to ensure you do not lose money to shrinkage.

Contact us at Milestone to find out more about Electronic Article Surveillance and how these anti-shoplifting devices work.