Radio frequency identification is a wireless system that consists of two main elements namely: readers and tags. The reader is a device equipped with one or more antennas that emit radio waves and receive signals from RFID tags. Tags can communicate their identity and other information to nearby readers via radio waves. RFID tags are powered by the reader.

RFID tags can store a variety of data with a wireless signal ranging from serial numbers to barcode numbers or product codes. Readers can be mobile and carried by hand, or they can be mounted in strategic positions or suspended from the ceiling. Reader systems can also be incorporated into the design of shelving, cabinets, rooms and entrances and exits of buildings.

RFID Technology in Warehouse Management

In a warehouse, RFID technology is used to effectively track the movement and storage of products. RFID technology allows you to maximise warehouse efficiency by streamlining the receipt and shipment of customer goods.

To ensure maximised efficiency, RFID tags reflect radio waves from antennae back to them, providing a real-time location. This makes them ideal for use with goods in transit and storage.

RFID warehouse software technology connects warehouse workers to the back-end application server of warehouse management, where wireless handheld devices record warehouse activities. Scanning barcodes or RFID tags attached to pallets is part of this process. Employees can use this data to more easily identify where to pick, put away, count, or move products within the distribution centre. Handheld devices can also be utilized to find specific products in the warehouse with a search function.

Note that an active RFID tag, which is a transponder with a microchip and antenna, is far more expensive, and is used for larger assets such as shipping containers that need to be tracked over long distances, rather than individual products or pallets.

Benefits of RFID Technology in Warehouse Management

There are multiple benefits of RFID technology in warehouse management:

  • Scans more barcodes without line of sight, in less time than even the best handheld barcode scanners
  • Prevents under- and over-stocking as RFID cannot be scanned more than once during a stock take.
  • Improves security and reduces inventory shrinkage
  • Access to more information capabilities, such as tracking and tracing, to keep consumers, retail partners, and other supply chain partners up to date over time.
  • Increased visibility across your supply chain as a result of maximum information processing and lead capture in minimum time taken.

RFID Warehouse Management System

Milestone’s RFID allows warehouses to monitor vast amounts of stock, as well as monitor movement between different sections of the warehouse and ensure the correct products and quantities are present.  Contact us to find out more about our RFID technology, and how it can benefit your store.