As a consumer, touching, testing, and experiencing a product is part of the fun of a shopping experience. Buyers are more inclined to make a purchase after interacting with a product in person. Indications from retailers are that placing products on open display can increase sales by 30% – 40%. This can be seen in people test-driving cars, or going into a store to view a new television, instead of choosing it based on specs. In both of these examples, it is hard to steal the items when engaging with them, due to their large size and many precautions that are put in place. The problem comes in with display items such  as laptops, cell phones, and other reasonably small electronic equipment. Items such as phones, are small, easy to slip into a bag or pocket, and cost a fortune! This is why it is essential for retail stores to have some type of retail security system.

Open Display Security for Retail

An open display security system is an effective way for retailers to display products such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, cameras, speakers, smartwatches, and more. These systems are typically found and utilised in electronic stores and in the electronic section. Chances are that you have experienced one of these systems first-hand if you have ever interacted with electronic products at a Game, DionWired, or iStore. Open display security systems consist of a few components. These components include security clamps and tethers.

Security Tether Alarm

Security tethers are connected from an electronic device to a secure base. This tether allow the customer to move the product around and interact with it like you would typically.

A security tether is also connected to an alarm. This will provide more safety as retail owners and employees are alerted as soon as a customer tries to remove or tamper with a product. The alarm is connected to a sensor that is installed on the product itself.

Security systems like these provide retail businesses with the peace of mind they need to allow the consumer to explore new products. Consumers won’t feel as monitored and awkward, and will feel more comfortable interacting with products that catch their interest. This can result in them testing and comparing multiple products in-store, which will make them more likely to make a purchase.

At Milestone, we have a wide variety of open display security solutions, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your retail store. We also offer many other retail security solutions such as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), anti-shoplifting systems, and foot traffic counters. Contact us to find out how to control shrinkage and best secure your retail business.