Open displays are ideal for retailers who want to encourage engagement between the customer and their products. This is especially important for electronics that need to be handled and experienced so that an individual can compare products and make a decision to buy. The biggest challenge, however, is ensuring that consumers don’t take advantage of this display and walk off with the items without paying for them.  

This is where open display security comes in. It gives retailers the freedom to openly display electronic devices, and allows customers to interact with the products, without them being at risk of theft.

Open Display Security Systems

Open Display Product Security Examples 

This form of security keeps various devices safe from sticky fingers. Some of the most common devices these displays are used for include:  

  • Tablets 
  • Cellphones 
  • Cameras  
  • Smart watches 
  • Laptops 
  • GPS devices 

These secure displays can even keep peripherals that accompany the devices safe i.e. charging pads, styluses, additions, and more. 

These are only electronic examples, but there are many other products that can be protected by open display security systems, for example:  

  • Appliances (typically handheld devices like hand blenders, etc.)  
  • Hair straighteners 
  • Hair dryers  

Products and items can be securely locked or tethered by cables with sensors. They can also be charged at the same time to ensure a seamless customer experience. The sensors on the products will set off an alarm if the product is tampered with or if a shoplifter is attempting to remove the product. The alarm will alert staff if there is an issue, and offenders could be caught before they have an opportunity to get away with your merchandise.  

Milestone offers many solutions to protect your products whilst enabling customers to interact with them, thus increasing sales. This enables high-risk products to be merchandised freely, by taking them out from behind glass cabinets and placing them in a secure and accessible area.