Retail shoplifting is a severe problem for shop owners in South Africa. According to Sowetan Live, there is an “average of 170 people who get caught shoplifting every day.” This happens because many owners do not know what tools are available to help prevent shoplifting. One of the most effective ways to reduce retail theft is through Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems, which use tags and sensors to alert store personnel when items leave the premises without being paid for. But how do you choose the right EAS System for your store? Read this article to find out! 


1. Identify your needs


Start by defining the scope of shoplifting that you are trying to prevent. Do you need a system for high-value items, or are you looking for something more comprehensive? 

Once you know what kind of EAS tags best suit your needs, you can begin to narrow down your choices. Ask yourself questions such as: What type and size of tags should you use? How many tags will you need? What about other features like RFID tags? 


2. Consider your merchandise type


The type of merchandise you sell will determine which EAS system is best suited to your store. Clothes, for example, use hard security tags that are harder to remove than those used for books or electronic products. For items with unique shapes and sizes, like jewellery or sunglasses, RFID tags may be a better option.


3. Evaluate your budget for EAS Systems


When it comes to EAS tags, there is always a trade-off between cost and performance. If you are working with a limited budget, then you should consider using single-use or disposable tags, which can be discarded after they are used once. 

On the other hand, if you want something more sophisticated and long-lasting, then you can opt for reusable tags. These are more expensive, but they are more cost-effective over time. 


4. Think about customer service


EAS systems should not only be effective but also easy to use by store personnel. When evaluating EAS tags for your store, make sure the sensors and deactivators are easy to use and understand. 

Also, if you are using reusable tags, check to see if the detaching process is as fast and simple as possible. This is important for customer experience since longer wait times at checkout can lead to unhappy customers and lost sales. 


5. Choose a reliable supplier of EAS Systems


Once you have identified your needs, evaluated your budget and considered customer service, it is time to choose a reliable supplier. Look for companies that have competitive prices, quality products and good customer service. 

It is also essential to make sure your supplier has experience in the retail industry and can provide timely support when needed. If there are any issues with your EAS tags or other security systems, you want to be sure you can get help quickly. 

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