The demand for anti-shoplifting security and related preventative measures in the retail space has increased alongside the rising number of shoplifting cases. The CheckPoint Anti-Theft System is a name that is popular amongst those looking for retail theft security solutions that prevent theft and reduce retail shrinkage. Our Milestone arsenal includes popular security brand names that can ensure the safety of our South African retailers who opt to make use of our security solutions.

The CheckPoint brand offers innovative, easy-to-apply sensors to assist retailers with protecting merchandise. Their products allow them to deliver a seamless customer experience by giving them the freedom to focus on customer service, rather than on the store’s stock. CheckPoint offers an array of electronic article surveillance solutions that include hard tags and radio-frequency identification (RFID).

Milestone prides itself on solutions that can suit all retail anti-theft needs – from small to larger stores and various budget brackets. Our anti-theft tagging options fit different types of inventory so retailers can confidently and openly merchandise hard-to-protect items, help reduce shrink and increase sales.

EAS System Manufacturers 

Milestone is a proud distributor of CheckPoint, as well as other trusted security solution brands.

Our products are synonymous with famed brands like Sensormatic, which is also a supplier of retail security solutions. Different EAS System manufacturers use different technology in their products. For example:  

  • In CheckPoint, manufacturers install Radio Frequency (RF) technology. 
  • In Sensormatic, manufacturers make use of Acousto-magnetic (AM) technology. 
  • In TagIt, manufacturers make use of Electromagnetic technology. 

RF, EM and AM EAS systems are deployed solely to trigger an alarm during theft and have no memory or item information contained within them like RFID systems. RFID systems identify and keep a history of which products set off the alarm at the store exit. 

RF EAS is popular in retail stores because it has the lowest installation cost and per-tag cost for disposable labels. RFID systems can prevent shoplifting and can assist in inventory counting functions. 

Why Retailers Can’t Afford to be Without an EAS System 

Electronic article surveillance (EAS) systems not only protect merchandise and reduce shrinkage (that ultimately negatively affects profits), but they also alleviate staff pressure and the need for additional security. With an EAS security system, staff will feel more at ease and security will manage their tasks more effectively whilst conducting general customer surveillance. Managers will also be less concerned over theft amongst staff, as staff may be monitored at the stations where the tags can be removed or deactivated. 

EAS System Price 

As with any product or system, your EAS system price will depend on your retail store requirements. Milestone offers many anti-shoplifting technologies currently available, enabling us to provide the best solution for your store. Speak to us for more information on retail security solutions, stock management tools and more.