In the year 2020, there were a whopping 59 883 cases of shoplifting in South Africa, and these are only the ones that were caught! This number is probably significantly higher as there are many cases of shoplifting that are either not recorded, or not caught. The retail industry suffers tremendous financial losses annually because of shoplifting. So how can retail stores prevent and avoid these occurrences from happening in their own store? With Retail Security Tags and Detection Systems.

Retail Security Tags and Detection Systems 

The retailsecurity tag is a small “signal transmitter” that can be attached to merchandise (i.e. clothing; sewn on the tags)If the security tag comes too close to the detection system (which should be placed as close to the door as possible), it will trigger the detection system’s alarm.

Retail security tag systems

Examples of Retail Security Tag Systems

The tag can only be removed by the clerks at the counter using a specialised tool – this will make it very difficult to steal anything if the tag is attached to it. The tag may also deter staff from stealing from the store, especially if the specialised tool is under consistent surveillance.  

Benefits of a Retail Security Tag System 

Products of all shapes and sizes can be protected by retail tags and detection systems. Employing this solution boasts a multitude of benefits for both the store and those concerned with profit.

Label security tag South Africa

Example of a soft security tag

Helps Prevent Shoplifting

Security tags are extremely difficult to remove without using a specialised remover. It makes stealing anything much more difficult as thieves cannot remove the tag without damaging the item they are trying to remove it from. If the shoplifters are trying to remove the tags, it will probably raise suspicion among the staff in the store, and the crime can be prevented.

Hard retail security tag

Example a hard retail security tag by Checkpoint Systems

Allows for Bigger Display of Products

With security tags, shopkeepers can freely display many more items that would ordinarily have to be kept in a glass display case, or hidden behind counters. With a tag, high-risk items are safer from sticky fingers.

Removes Pressure from Staff

Staff are often put under a lot of pressure to keep an eye out for theft and losses, and will often feel responsible if inevitably, someone got away under their supervision. With a tag system, security will feel more at ease, and staff will feel more at ease and can focus on customer service, rather than customer surveillance. Managers will also be less concerned over theft amongst staff.

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