Smart shelving units are the future of retail shelving for multiple reasons. Using radio frequency identification (RFID) hardware, cabinets, shelves, fridges and displays can be inventoried and monitored. Any retailer who has high-value merchandise or large quantities of inventory can benefit from retail smart shelves in South Africa.

RFID smart shelves South Africa

RFID Shelves Solve Everyday Problems 

Retailers and shop owners implement smart shelves to improve and optimise inventory management, but also to solve other problems that become expensive if left unsolved. They assist with:

  • Lowering labour time spent on manual stocktake
  • Eliminating human error involved in manual inventory management and stocktake
  • Monitoring of items for theft and loss 
  • Monitoring, managing, and moving expired or recalled items

How do RFID Shelves Work?

Typically, RFID antennae are lined inside the shelves of the area in which stock will be held. These antennae are connected to RFID readers. An RFID tag (which is registered in the RFID software) is secured on each stock item. The readers can then read what is put on the shelves, and what has been removed, as well as when! 

The RFID software can be customised to only read the stock at specific intervals, or on specific days. Users of the software can then see real-time updates of their stock numbers, making stock management simpler and more efficient.

RFID Shelving Benefits

AdvanShelf is a smart shelf system based on RFID UHF (Ultra High Frequency), that provides inventory data in real-time, with high read-rate and high location resolution. 

  • AdvanShelf provides real-time location of tagged items, with a typical resolution of ±40 cm (±15 inches). 
  • AdvanShelf can be adapted to metallic, plastic, and wood-made shelves, of any size and colour.
  • Reduction of stock-outs and misplaced items 
  • Fast location of products 
  • Improved interaction with customers as staff can spend more time on customer service
  • Fast picking of products for returns 
  • Calculation of sales per shelf position 
  • More efficient vendor-managed inventory 
  • Shrinkage reduction 
  • Perishable waste management

Milestone supplies RFID, EAS and other security solutions to the South African retail industry, including brands like Checkpoint and Keonn which are international bestsellers in the retail loss prevention industry. Many retailers struggle with inventory accuracy and fall victim to large losses due to poor waste and inventory management. With a simple solution like RFID smart shelving, stock can be managed efficiently and effectively. Contact our experts to see which retail loss prevention solution is right for your store!