The use of smart shelves in retail stores is increasing and with it, retail store owners are saving on expenses while increasing sales. In this article, we will discuss why smart shelving is a must-have in every retail store.

What is Smart Shelving?

Smart shelving has transformed ordinary retail shelves into pieces of technology that can improve the way a retail store operates. It makes use of RFID technology, electronic labels, and in some cases even IoT sensors. This technology allows retail store owners to cut down on costs and run their businesses more efficiently, especially when it comes to stock and inventory management practices.

The Benefits of a Smart Shelving System

There are a multitude of benefits that a smart shelving system can offer retail store owners as well as their clientele, improving the shopper’s experience and encouraging customer loyalty. Some of the benefits a smart shelving system can offer include:

Smart Shelves Inventory Tracking

Smart shelves can detect the stock available on the shelves. As the stock is removed it updates the number of items available. The information displayed can be as detailed as informing you of which type of shampoo was removed as well as the exact bottle of shampoo that was removed. This allows a store to know exactly when and which item was removed and purchased. It also allows the store to track when stock is running low and when the shelves should be restocked. This ensures that customers will always have access to the products they are searching for.

Pricing Updates

Previously the price of a product was indicated by a paper price tag being slid into a holder on the shelf. However, smart shelves are fitted with an electronic tag displaying the price of a product. This allows a store to adjust prices at the click of a button. This also increases the accuracy of prices as the danger of human error is removed. Employees will no longer accidentally insert the wrong price tag into the holder, ensuring that shoppers are always aware of the cost of a product.

Employee Efficiency

As smart shelves are able to send out an alert indicating when a shelf requires new stock, staff do not have to waste time checking shelves for low stock. They will also not have to waste hours manually updating the price of products in the store. This allows staff to operate more efficiently and can even decrease the number of staff members required to effectively run a store.

Product Loss

The use of RFID on products and in shelving will ensure that no product is ever lost to misplacement or theft. Products that have been misplaced can easily be found in the store within minutes. RFID will also alert you if a product has been removed from the store but has not been paid for.

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