Wine and spirits have always been known as high-risk products when it comes to shoplifting. These items are easy to steal and hide, are of relatively high value, and can be easily resold for a profit. Worldwide studies such as the Global Retail Theft Barometer have stated in the past that liquor theft is the most commonly stolen item in the food and beverage sector. It has even ranked higher than other high-risk products such as baby formula, meat, cheese and coffee.

The question is. How do you prevent alcohol theft?

Methods to Prevent Alcohol Theft

There are multiple methods one can implement to prevent alcohol theft from happening in your liquor store.

  • Develop and train your staff on security procedures: it is best practice to develop security procedures that give employees guidelines on how to react in the event of theft occurring, as well as what to look out for before it occurs. This is to prevent the thief from getting away, as well as protect your staff from potentially dangerous situations.
  • Installing a security system: a security system that includes an anti-theft door system, CCTV cameras, alarms, and armed response will help locate the thief and possibly enable the retrieval of the stolen goods. It will also deter shoplifters from attempting theft as they know they are being monitored.
  • Correct store landscaping: it might not seem like it, but store landscaping can enable or deter shoplifters. If there are many corners and obstructions to hide behind, they can steal more easily without being caught.
  • Bottle security tags: the most effective preventative measure one can have is bottle security tags. They have an array of benefits that will ensure your liquor stock is protected against theft.

Bottle Store Security Tag Benefits

Bottle security tags are specifically designed to protect wine and spirits from theft. They are a form of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and are one of the best deterrents one can find. The caps are designed to fit over the top of the bottle and can only be removed at the Point of Sale. If someone does try to steal liquor while the security tag is attached to it, an alarm will sound at the door.

Bottle store security tags are an affordable way to protect products while still allowing consumers to access, touch, feel and examine bottles. This interaction with products has been proven to improve sales.

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is the proven way to protect your merchandise in-store while alerting staff if any merchandise is leaving the store unlawfully. Click here and contact us to find out more about anti-shoplifting systems.