If you own a clothing store, you are probably aware of how easily a shoplifter can steal merchandise. Whether it be a pair of jeans or a shirt, clothing is easy to stuff into a handbag or put on and walk out with. It is for this reason that certain precautions such as checking the number of items taken into a dressing room is a popular preventative measure. However, it isn’t the only theft prevention method that one should employ. One of the most important prevention methods that are vital to the success of any retail store is security tags.

A security tag is in essence a small signal transmitter that sets off an alarm if it leaves a retail store. These tags are attached to items and products and removed when payment is made to ensure no items are stolen.

In this article, we will discuss why clothing security tags deter theft and some of the types of tags available for clothing retail stores.

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How Security Tags Deter Theft

Security tags deter theft in a few ways. Firstly, there is the visual deterrent. If a shoplifter sees a security tag, they are less likely to attempt stealing it, as they are aware of the fact that it will trigger an alarm. If the shoplifter is still brave enough to steal an item; they are then met with a triggered alarm as soon as the tag on the clothing item passes through the detection system. This will immediately alert staff and security and the thief should be apprehended.

Why Plastic Clothing Security Tags Are Popular

Clothing security tags are predominantly manufactured from plastic. This is because plastic is a relatively cheap material that is easy to mould and form, it is lightweight and do not deform the clothing to which it is attached to. It is also hard to break depending on the type of plastic utilised. Whether the tags consist of a manual locking mechanism or are magnetised, a hard plastic clothing security tag is hard to remove without the correct equipment.

There are a variety of different plastic tag shapes that one can choose from, depending on the use of the tag and the amount of visibility desired. Some of the plastic clothing tags that one can purchase include:

  • Pencil tags
  • Square tags
  • Alligator tags
  • Round tags

Where to Find Clothing Security Tags Suppliers

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