Truecounts 3D is one of the best people counting software on the market today. Retail store owners, mall property managers, and event planners all rely on accurate people counting data to make informed decisions about their businesses. With Truecounts 3D, you can get all of this and more.

This article will discuss everything there is to know about Truecounts 3D and why it should be your top choice for people counting software.


What Is Truecounts 3D?


Stepping into the market in 2017, this people counting system transforms the way that businesses track and analyse their foot traffic. With Truecounts 3D, you can get accurate data (97% accuracy) in real-time, allowing you to make quick and informed decisions about your business.


Truecounts 3D is a people counting system combining two technologies – video counting and WiFi counting. This makes it a 3rd generation technology compared to other people counting systems such as infrared sensors and beam breaker counters


  • Video counting uses cameras and advanced software to track people’s movements and count them as they enter or exit a designated area. 


  • On the other hand, WiFi counting utilises WiFi beacons from cellphones to see phones entering and exiting a space. 


See the image below to understand exactly how WiFi counting works:

A screenshot displaying how WiFi counting works.

Please note that privacy is not compromised and your customer’s personal information is completely safe.


The Hardware Of Truecounts 3D


Here is an image of how the hardware looks:

A screenshot of how Truecounts 3D People Counting's hardware looks.As you can see here, the hardware is compact, with features including the following:


  • WiFi sensor
  • Wide angle 3D lens
  • LED light indicator
  • Aluminium unibody


Other features of Truecounts 3D include:


  • PoE enabled
  • 1 Ghz processor
  • Graphics processor
  • Triple operating system
  • Hardware watchdog


Two features that ultimately stand out, especially in the South African landscape where citizens are experiencing electrical power shortages, are the following:


Triple Operating System 


The triple operating system ensures zero data corruption, regardless of any of these unlikely circumstances: 


  • memory corruption due to electric shock
  • part of the disk space is damaged and may cause the counter to not function properly


The second and third operating systems will activate and auto-rebuild the first operating system to its original state.


This is, put simply, a backup system that guarantees the counter will keep working no matter what, making it a reliable choice for businesses of all sizes. All the data collected is stored safely and securely, ensuring accurate tracking of foot traffic even in the event of a power outage or system failure as long as the unit itself is powered.


Hardware Watchdog:


The Hardware Watchdog reboots the system if the operating system crashes. It will check for server connection (the people counting file) and reboot the system if it senses the operating system is down. 


How Does Truecounts 3D Work?


The entire device is installed at entrance doors, whether they are in retail stores or malls. The average view of the lens is 3 metres in height x 4 metres in width, and the software counts people as they walk in or out of a specific area within that range.

To set the specific range, a block is drawn where traffic must be counted. The block can be customised to fit the specific entrance or exit area. For example, if a retail store’s employees usually use a certain entrance, the block can be adjusted to exclude that small area from being counted.

The data is then transferred to the central cloud system for analysis. Here, the data is compiled and presented in an easy-to-understand dashboard that provides insights into customer traffic patterns. Additionally, this data can be presented in reports. We will delve into reporting in more detail at a later point.


Key Elements That Make This The Best People Counting Software


Apart from its notable features, Truecounts 3D has some key elements that set it apart from other people counting software in the market:


3D Stereo Vision Technology


3D Stereo Vision technology mimics human eyes to identify people correctly. It uses 2 lenses to facilitate depth perception and 3D reconstruction of an image. The benefits of this technology range from eliminating shadow problems and differentiating between adults, children and trolleys to being highly accurate in busy areas.


Cloud System


There is no more need for booklets and pens to keep track of daily statistics. TrueCounts 3D provides a central cloud system where data is securely stored and readily available for analysis. This allows businesses to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.


Customisable Block Range


The ability to customise the block range makes TrueCounts 3D highly versatile and suitable for various types of businesses. The software allows users to adjust the block range according to their specific needs, ensuring accurate and reliable data.


Real-Time Monitoring


TrueCounts 3D provides real-time data, allowing businesses to monitor customer traffic and make adjustments accordingly within the hour. This feature is particularly useful during peak hours or special events, as it allows businesses to manage their resources effectively and enhance the overall customer experience.


One Account


If there is more than one store across multiple locations, these can all be accessed via one account. This functionality makes it easy to manage and compare data from different stores, providing a comprehensive overview of customer traffic across the entire business.


What Metrics Does Truecounts 3D Measure?


TrueCounts 3D measures various metrics essential for businesses to understand customer traffic patterns. Some of these metrics include:


  • Visitor Count: The number of people entering and exiting the store. It can be measured in hourly, daily and weekly intervals.
  • Visit Duration: How long a customer stays in your store, also known as dwell time. Customer engagement and staff efficiency can be improved by understanding this metric.
  • Returning Customer: The number of repeat customers, providing insights into customer loyalty and retention.
  • Cross Shopping: How many visitors have cross shopped to other shops? The gathered Mac addresses can be used to measure this metric.
  • Outside Traffic: The number of people passing by the store. The WiFi signal strength can determine the proximity of people and allow businesses to increase marketing efforts.
  • Turn in Rate: What % of outside traffic comes into your store which is a good tool to measure marketing campaign effectiveness


Reporting and Analysis


TrueCounts 3D provides easy-to-understand reports and visualisations, making it simple for businesses to analyse their customer data.

The different types of reports available include:


1. Company Weekly Report


This report allows you to see the overall weekly trend of customer traffic for all stores in one place. It gives insights into visitor counts, behaviour, comparison between stores, and performance.

A company weekly report by Truecounts 3D People Counting

2. Company Daily Report


The daily report is sent out every morning via email. It provides a macro view across all stores as well as an individual store. The provided insights include total visitors, conversion rate, visit duration, and returning rate.


3. Marketing Effectiveness Report


The marketing effectiveness report shows pre- and post-campaign comparisons of visitor metrics.

A marketing effectiveness report by Truecounts 3D People Counting System

4. Footfall Summary Report


The footfall summary report gives traffic visualisation in all the stores and provides footfall trends for the headquarters to evaluate the operation efficiency of the store.


5. Sales Conversion Report


This is one of the key metrics that measure KPIs in the retail industry. It combines footfall traffic with sales data to show conversion rate and average transaction percentage. Businesses with more than 1 store can compare and contrast conversion rates in different stores.


6. Store Weekly Report


This is a standard weekly report of one store. It provides insights into footfall trends, visit duration, return rate and sales conversions. It is designed for store owners to identify best practices for daily operations.

A store weekly report from Truecounts 3D People Counting

7. Store Daily Report


The store daily report is an uncomplicated report that shows the store’s performance. The report includes information on daily inside and outside traffic, turnover rate, and store visitor count.


8. Cross Shopping Report


The cross shopping report tracks the number of customers who visit more than one store in a day. It helps businesses understand their loyal customers, identify potential sales opportunities, focus on brand awareness, and increase operational effectiveness.


9. Opening and Closing Time Report


By using WiFi signals to measure outside traffic of stores, the opening and closing time report provides a detailed view of store performance during operating hours. It also identifies peak traffic times to help schedule staff and optimise customer experience.


10. Time/Store Comparison Report


This report allows businesses to compare performance data between different stores and time periods. For example,  they can compare performance between city and small-town stores to see the best and worst performing stores. This information can be used to adjust marketing strategies, identify staffing needs and optimise store layouts for different locations.


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