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– Foot Traffic Counter

Product Description

TrueCounts 3D People Counting enables high accuracy foot traffic counting with additional metrics such as customer dwell time, return customers vs. new customers, cross-shopping, average basket size, conversion rate, and more.

Our Foot Traffic Counter provides valuable statistics to determine whether marketing campaigns have been successful. These statistics include whether changes to the store have been beneficial, whether environmental changes have had an impact on customers visiting the store and more.

The system only requires a single Ethernet cable for power and data transfer, and all data is sent straight to the cloud, without incurring excessive hosting fees.

A Combination of Technologies

The TrueCounts 3D People Counting system makes use of both video and Wi-Fi counting, supplying you with more information than ever thought possible.

Video Counting

Providing information on the number of people entering and exiting your business.

Wi-Fi Counting

Making use of Wi-Fi-based tracking to count the number of traffic outside of your store, the turn-in rate of potential customers, the amount of time they spend in your store, how many customers return to your store.

Providing Businesses with a Variety of Key Metrics

Visitor Counts

This refers to the number of people visiting your store and is measured with a 90% accuracy by making use of 3D Stereo Vision. This metric is available in hourly, daily, and weekly intervals, depending on your specific needs.

Visit Duration

The amount of time that each customer spends within a store can be measured, after which an average of time spent in your store can be identified. It is also possible to measure the wait times that each customer experiences. This will provide store owners with information on the efficiency and quality of staff engagement with customers.

Returning Customers

By making use of MAC identification, this system is able to measure whether a customer returns to a store or not. This measurement will be able to provide store owners with information on customer loyalty.

Outside Traffic

This refers to the number of potential customers walking past your store and how many of those passers-by, stop and enter your store. Some of the information this can provide store owners with is what the ideal business hours are, whether certain marketing efforts should increase, and whether certain window displays have more impact than others.

A Variety of Business Reporting Templates Suitable to All Industries

  • Company Weekly Reports
  • Company Daily Reports
  • Marketing Effectiveness Reports
  • Footfall Summary Report
  • Sale Conversion Report
  • Store Weekly Reports
  • Store Daily Reports
  • Opening and Closing Time Report
  • Time/Store Comparison Report


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