Foot traffic counting is the simple exercise of counting how many customers are walking in and out of a store at any given time. There are devices that have been designed to perform this task which can record when customers enter and exit a store, and what the foot count in the store is or was throughout the day. These devices are also referred to as head counters, feet counters or people counters.

Why is Foot Traffic so Important?

If a retail store depend on foot traffic to drive sales. Even when a store does have an online shop, online sales don’t often equate to, or surpass in-store sales. There are multiple aspects that contribute to this; however, the bottom line is that foot traffic is extremely important to the survival and success of a retail store.

How Does Foot Traffic Increase Sales?

There are multiple ways in which a higher count of foot traffic drives sales. Some of these include:

  • Consumer Engagement: Sales staff are able to engage with consumers, ensuring that they receive a unique experience supported by attentive employees. When customers are recognised and provided with the help they need, they are more likely to spend money in a retail store.
  • An Interactive Experience: Consumers are more inclined to purchase a product after interacting with it. An example can be, trying on clothes in a clothing store. When shopping online, a consumer can’t be sure that a pair of jeans will fit them, however; they will try on multiple jeans in a store until they find one or two pairs that fit perfectly. This will encourage a sale.
  • A Buying Environment: When a consumer walks into a retail store, they are already in a buying mindset. They will usually be there to purchase an item they had planned to buy. While they are in-store, they are vulnerable to making more purchasing decisions and can easily be swayed.

How Foot Traffic Counting Can Support Sales

Foot traffic counting has multiple benefits that support an increase in sales. These benefits include:

  • Understanding Consumer Behaviour: A foot traffic counter is able to provide a retail store owner with information regarding peak days and times. This will allow a store owner to plan around these times, for example, one can ensure that there are enough staff members to provide customers with a personalised experience.
  • Recognise Marketing Efforts: Foot traffic counting can be another way of measuring how well marketing efforts are progressing, and whether they should be adjusted or not. Depending on whether the foot traffic into a retail store is increasing or decreasing, one can determine what is and isn’t working. These can include billboards, storefront displays, online marketing campaigns, and more.
  • Identify External Factors: There are multiple external factors that can increase or decrease foot traffic in the area. By using a foot traffic counter, a store owner can determine when traffic is increasing due to external factors, such as events. Using this data, store owners can increase stock, display certain stock differently, and more, to increase sales during those times.
  • Traffic Count Data: Multiple stores in a company can supply traffic count data to be compared, resulting in valuable information regarding different locations, type of shopping centre and type of store etc.

At Milestone, we stock and distribute the TrueCount 3D People Counting, FootfallCam foot traffic counter. It is able to provide valuable and accurate statistics, allowing a store to plan and implement strategies to improve sales. Contact us to find out more about our foot traffic counting technology and how it can benefit your store.