Let’s face it, if you own a store that sells electronic devices then you have expensive items on display. What makes open display shelving nerve-racking for a retail store owner is that customers can accidentally break the item on display or even worse, they could steal it. Shoplifting is dangerous to the survival of a retail store and the stakes are even higher when it comes to displaying devices that retail for over R20 000.

In this article, we will discuss how to secure your electronics display shelving for retail stores, how these solutions can increase sales, and how they work.

How to Secure Display Shelving for Retail Stores

The way in which one can secure your display shelving is via open display security. Open display security is necessary for an enhanced customer experience as shoppers are more likely to buy after physically interacting with an electronic device.

How Open Display Security Works

Open display security works by connecting an alarm to the electronic item on display. If a shoplifter tries to steal the item the alarm will be triggered and the theft can be prevented. There are different types of open display security systems that one can make use of depending on the electronic product and one’s requirements. Some of the options out there include, but are not limited to:

  • Tethered: Tethers are typically used on items such as electric shavers or console remotes as they are small, simple, and easy to attach while being very secure. Once a customer is done exploring and looking at the product pull box will neatly retract the cable back into position.
  • Clips: One often sees clip mechanisms being used on items such as tablets and phones. The metal arms are extendable and thus are able to be used on both tablets and phones. They are also attached to a stand via a cut-resistant cord that prevents the electronic device from being carried away.
  • Wireless: There are wireless security display devices that do not require a cord at all and provide the shopper with a more natural interaction with the product.

Where to Find Phone Display Shelving for Retail Stores

At Milestone Integrated Systems we specialise in all areas of retail security, from RFID Tags to open display security systems. We will be able to provide you with unique solutions that are tailored to your store and industry. Contact one of our experts to find out more about how we at Milestone can assist you in securing your retail store.