Nowadays, RFID technology is applied in a wide range of industries. Laundromats are not an exception. With the help of RFID, laundromats can become more efficient and convenient for both customers and employees. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of laundromat RFID implementation for hotels.

1. To provide accurate records of laundry items and laundry cycles

The number of wash cycles per item is an important statistic, and a wash cycle count can help predict the end-of-life date of each item. Most fabrics can only withstand a certain number of intense wash cycles, after which they begin deteriorating and start looking run down. Predicting the end-of-life date of each fabric without a record of the number of wash cycles is not easy, making it difficult for hotels and businesses in the hospitality sector to plan replacement orders for old linen.

When linen is received or dispatched by a Laundromat, the RFID reader detects the RFID tag sewn into the item. The data will be captured, e.g., the number of wash cycles of the item will be uploaded to the system database.

The data capture provides important information regarding all aspects of laundry management, such as ensuring that the hotel has sufficient linen in stock, thus significantly reducing the time it takes to replenish stock due to lost or damaged items.

2. Accurate billing and accounting

RFID inventory management software enables tracking laundry items to and from the Laundromat. This ensures accurate billing and accounting, reducing the risk of errors and discrepancies normally caused by human error.

3. Analytics and Reporting

Some of the available reports to Hotels and Hospitality industries:

  • Cycle count of washes for each individual laundry item.
  • Accurate recording per item of soiling and damage.
  • Reports based on categories (Sheets, Pillowcases, Blankets, Uniforms etc.)
  • Scrap reports indicate when a particular item’s lifetime and/or wash cycles have been exceeded.
  • Detailed washing cost analysis based on items or categories.
  • Tracking and managing items.
  • Saving time and money through automation.
  • Improving data accuracy and availability and eliminating human errors.
  • Anti-theft with a detailed description of items causing alarms at exits.
  • Quick location and identifying specific items even among large numbers of linen.
  • Locating soiled or damaged linen to be inspected.

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