Using an RFID EAS system in retail stores can yield incredibly beneficial results for retail store owners, customers, and staff. From ensuring that your stock is safe and secure, to creating a better shopping experience for your customers, the potential of these systems when customised and installed correctly are endless.

In this article, we will explore RFID EAS systems in retail stores in South Africa, and explain how they can prevent shrinkage and be utilised in a number of businesses and industries.

What is RFID EAS?

RFID EAS is the abbreviation and commonly used term for Radio Frequency Identification Electronic Article Surveillance. These systems are typically utilised as security systems in retail stores. They are comprised of four main components consisting of RFID tags, RFID antennas, RFID readers, and an alarm system. The tags contain a microchip that is activated and powered by a radio frequency that is directed at the tag by a reader when in range of a reader. The reader can then access information that is stored on the chip. Once purchased, these chips are deactivated at the checkout point. Therefore, one can identify products leaving the store that have not been paid for. If this occurs, the alarm will trigger.

What is the Primary Benefit of the RFID EAS System?

The biggest benefit of installing and utilising an RFID EAS system is stock loss prevention. There are many ways in which stock can be lost and RFID EAS covers all areas. From employee theft to shoplifting, and even inaccurate stocktaking, it can do it all. This ultimately ensures that one does not lose revenue and is able to grow one’s retail business.

Where Can RFID EAS Be Used?

RFID EAS security systems can be utilised in a variety of businesses that deal with physical products and inventory. Some of these businesses include:

  • Retail Stores: RFID EAS is most commonly known for being utilised in retail stores. Whether you have noticed the tags on makeup products, or on clothing items, they are visible everywhere. The main uses for RFID EAS in retail stores are to prevent theft, locate stock, perform stocktake, and manage a store more effectively.
  • Museums: Filled with expensive and historically important items, museums have to ensure that their exhibited items and those left in storage are safe from visitors. It is also important to track the movement of these items, whether it be internally or from one museum to another. RFID EAS are fantastic for these museum applications.
  • Libraries: As libraries have thousands of books coming in and out of the building, it is important for them to install an RFID EAS system to ensure that they are able to keep tabs on every book at all times. This system is also useful for finding specific books when requested by a visitor.
  • Warehouses: Considering the sheer amount of products stored within a warehouse, it is extremely important for them to ensure they know their stock levels at all times. An RDIF EAS system will also allow them to track their inventory while on the road to the warehouse or to its final destination.
  • Hospitals: Medical supplies and equipment are known for going missing in hospitals. This can have detrimental effects if one only realises that something is gone when it is needed. It is therefore important for hospitals to implement RFID EAS to ensure the safety of their patients.

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