Owning a successful retail store requires a lot of dedication and attention to detail when it comes to improving customer experience, efficiency, stock management, and security. In order to make the right decisions to improve in these areas, one needs to have access to accurate and comprehensive data.

In this article, we will discuss how a store traffic counter can help you run your retail store effectively.

Why You Need to Count Customer Traffic

Counting the number of people that enter and exit your store provides extremely important data. You can then use this data to make informed decisions that will improve your efficiency and streamline operations. Some of the information that one can gather from customer counting includes high traffic periods, whether or not your business is receiving a healthy amount of customers, the average value spent per sale, the conversion rate from visiting customers and buying customers and much more information.

How Do You Track Store Traffic?

There are various means by which one can track store traffic and gather the valuable data that one needs. Depending on your personal needs and the amount and variety of data you wish to capture you can make use of different systems.

Door Traffic Counter for Retail

A door counter will typically only measure the number of people that enter and exit your store. They make use of little sensors and beams that are set up at the entrance of a store. They are placed on the sides of the door and are sometimes referred to as beam-breakers. The placement of the sensor will depend on the type of door. There are wireless and wired options, depending on whether or not you have a power outlet close to the store entrance. The information from these counters is not highly accurate.

TrueCounts 3D Foot Traffic Counting

When you opt for Foot Traffic Counting, you are able to capture a large range of data that will improve the quality of information you have access to. This system is not only able to track the number of people entering and exiting your store. It is also able to track the amount of time spent in-store, the number of returning customers vs new customers and the traffic outside of your store (and turn-in rate). In order to do this, it makes use of video and WIFI counting. It can provide these metrics on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. Comparisons can be done for any day, week, month and year against each other. Stores and regions can also be compared. Trends can be predicted according to previous data obtained. This system also provides you with reports that indicate the effectiveness of your marketing strategies, the conversion and sale rate experienced, and so much more.

TrueCounts 3D is the premium option for counting customer traffic. At Milestone we believe in the value that this system can provide and are able to provide you with a complete solution to securing your store and improving your customer experience.

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