Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) security labels have been proven to significantly reduce retail shrink, thus resulting in increased profit. This is one of the many reasons why retailers should be implementing these systems into their own stores.  Source tagging takes even more of the pressure off the retailer when it comes to EAS.

What is Source Tagging? 

Source tagging is the application of security labels at the point of manufacture so that retailers don’t have to apply anything themselves. The further upstream in the supply chain the EAS labels can be applied, the less cost impact there is on the products. The labour that it would take to place security labels on each product in store can be focused rather on customer service!  

Source tagging with RFID systems gives the manufacturer more control. It allows retailers to track, measure, and monitor products across the entire scope of their supply chain, allowing for exceptional supply chain visibility.  

EAS Source Tagging Benefits 

EAS tagging comes with a host of benefits that other security and monitoring solutions lack.  


Micro EAS labels are small enough that they don’t interfere with the product’s packaging and branding. Your product can still show off everything it has to offer, whilst remaining safe from opportunistic shoplifters.  

Accurate Inventory Management 

Gone are the challenges of accurate inventory forecasting and replenishment with EAS tagging! Source tagging allows for the delivery of shelf-ready EAS-protected labels that can be recorded on a system and monitored more efficiently. Shrinkage will not be eliminated entirely, but it can definitely be reduced and monitored to see which products are more at risk.  

Alleviate Staff Pressure 

With EAS tagging, staff can do inventory and stock takes more easily. The system is simple to operate and exceptionally easy for professionals to help implement.  

EAS System Price 

As with any product or system, your EAS system price will depend on your requirements. Milestone offers all anti-shoplifting technologies currently available, enabling us to provide the best solution for your store. Speak to us for more information on retail security solutions, stock management tools and more.