RFID enables improved inventory control through quick and accurate stock takes. RFID is an innovative technology which utilises “smart” tags which are attached to stock items. These tags are then linked to stock information on a database, such as the product details, e.g. size, colour, style of a shirt etc. Handheld scanners and antenna are then able to scan these tags without requiring line of sight.

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Open Display Security

Open display security enables high-risk merchandise like phones, tablets and laptops to be put out on display without fear of theft. This enables customers to touch and feel products whilst ensuring that this merchandise is still protected.

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Anti-Shoplifting Systems

Electronic Article Surveillance – The proven way to protect your merchandise in store while alerting staff if any merchandise is leaving the store unlawfully. We provide all three anti-shoplifting technologies, namely AM, EM and RF.

Foot Traffic Counter

TrueCounts 3D People Counting enables high accuracy foot traffic counting with additional metrics such as customer dwell time, return customers vs. new customers, cross shopping, average basket size, conversion rate etc.

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