Product and stock loss in retail stores is a big problem faced by many. Whether it be by employee theft, shoplifting, or ineffective stocktake measures, it is a problem that could cause a retail store to fail. In this article, we will discuss how making use of RFID loss prevention will improve shrinkage and aesthetic appeal in your retail store.

What is RFID Security?

Traditional security systems, rely on security guards checking bags and receipts when customers exit a store, as well as them and other staff members keeping an eye on customers in the store. These methods have proven to be ineffective in preventing shrinkage within retail stores. However, by making use of RFID-enabled security systems, you will be able to improve your security system while increasing customer satisfaction and appeal. Ultimately Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) makes use of the latest advances in technology to create a subtle yet full-proof system.

How is RFID Used in Security?

In retail stores, RFID can be used for security purposes by installing an overhead loss-prevention system. These systems are very effective and will require three main items/products to function correctly.

1.   RFID Security Tag System

Each item within the store will receive an RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tag. Each tag contains a microchip which holds information about the product and can be identified by readers from a distance. When the tag comes into an identifiable range of a reader, the reader sends a radio frequency signal that powers the microchip within the tag. The tag is then able to send information back to the reader. Once purchased, the microchip information reflects that the item was sold.

2.   RFID Antennas

Antennas can be installed above the entrances and exits of a store. These antennas are able to identify and locate tags in real time. Therefore, when an item passes underneath the installed antenna, it will identify whether a tag’s microchip indicates that it was sold if not, it will alert the store owners and staff if a customer attempts to leave the store with a product that has not been paid for.

3.   RFID Alarm Unit

An alarm unit will typically consist of an embedded reader and an alarm. These alarm units connect to the RFID antennas located above entrances and exits. As an item leaves a store that has not been paid for the antenna will send a signal to the reader which will in turn set off the alarm. A history with time and date will be kept of all alarm events.

Benefits of an Overhead RFID Loss-Prevention System

There are many benefits that an overhead RFID-enabled loss-prevention system can provide store owners. Some of the most noticeable benefits include:

  • Shrinkage Prevention: As the system is very sensitive and accurate, there will be a large reduction in shrinkage and theft. This will ensure that stores will no longer lose valuable stock and revenue.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: An overhead system has a sleek design and is installed in such a way that they are not visible or easily noticed by customers. Therefore, it will not ruin the carefully curated shop aesthetic that has been designed and implemented. This will increase your store’s appeal and will be more inviting to passersby.
  • Scalability: Overhead RFID loss-prevention systems can be utilised in both small and large stores. They can also be expanded easily if and when required, making them the perfect scalable security solution.

We at Milestone Integrated Systems specialise in all loss-prevention methods, products and systems. We are able to design a custom system to suit your retail store, ensuring that you no longer have to worry about stock loss or theft. Contact our experienced team to find out more about our loss-prevention solutions.