Shoplifters are usually professionals who are extremely difficult to catch. Shoplifting puts a lot of financial strain on retailers, as the losses add up. One of the most common methods of shoplifting is diversion. Shoplifters often visit stores in groups; one person will distract a staff member while the other/s conceals merchandise. These shoplifters are clever, and will usually look out for anti-theft door security systems before targeting a store. The majority of the time, anti-theft security systems are a big deterrent for thieves.

Anti-Theft Security System for Retail Store

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) is a proven way to protect your merchandise. The tagging of products and antenna at the store entrance acts as a deterrent, making shoplifters think twice before entering your store.

Security tags are activated and attached to merchandise. There are choices of either hard tags or soft labels that can only be deactivated at checkout counters – some of these tags can also only be removed by certain tools that are exclusively accessible to staff. If an item with an active tag passes through the antenna, it sets off a loud alarm that attracts attention. Apart from preventing theft, there are many benefits of anti-theft door security systems.

Easy to Operate Security System

With the right professional assistance, EAS security products are quick to install and very easy to operate.  Once the system has been installed, it takes mere seconds to attach a label or tag, and just as quick to deactivate or remove it. Hard tags can be removed easily with a tag remover supplied with your EAS system.

Budget-Friendly Security

Our EAS products are suited to your budget and your requirements. We can secure your store within a reasonable budget to save you money in the long run!

Improve Customer Service

Retail security systems allow staff to focus more on customer experiences and needs than on the safety of the store’s stock. EAS systems provide peace of mind for all who are employed at, or who own and manage, the store.

Optimise Retail Stock Display

High-value items in retail stores are often the biggest target for shoplifters, as they can be resold. This can be difficult for retailers to display these items without being concerned about exposing them to theft. Lockable cabinets and display cases are certainly options for retailers, but oftentimes a store has not made provisions for these, or there is limited space. With EAS, items can be protected and staff can be alerted if someone has taken something and intends to leave without paying for it.

As with any product or system, your EAS system price will depend on your requirements. Milestone offers all anti-shoplifting technologies currently available, enabling us to provide the best solution for your store. Speak to us for more information on retail security solutions, stock management tools and more.